Monday, 12 March 2018

One more storm!

After a couple of beautiful days, one last storm arrived over the weekend to see us off! This time it was Storm Felix which has caused floods in Cordoba, a supermarket collapsed in Jaen, another metre of snow on the Sierra Nevada, but only inflicted a couple of days and nights of strong gales here on the Cabo.
Now on our last day here, Felix has gone on his way and the weather is glorious again.  I wish we could relax and enjoy it but we are busy cleaning and packing.

But here is a photo taken in the sunshine.

We have said goodbye to various friends, including Clements, a sweet, young homeless German man who lives in an abandoned shepherd's hut in the hills outside San Jose, along with Dave who plays the guitar, and Richard who heroically organises the walking group S joined during our stay.

Tomorrow we head north, back to la Cabrera, then on to Bilbao.  Finally we will arrive (I hope!) back in the UK on Friday.

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